Cercle Royal Concorde Philotaxe


The Circle currently has more than 300 members, this number has risen significantly since early 2010.

The Circle aims to be a meeting place where ideas can be exchanged through varied cultural, professional or sporting activities.

The Circle is only accessible to its members and their invitees.

If you are a member of the Circuit, but do not have an access code for the website, we invite you to send an email to evenements@concorde-philotaxe.be. You will receive your access code as well as your password by e-mail. This will allow you to access the section of the website where all information, intended for Members only, is available.

If you forgot your password, we would like to request a new request by clicking on the « Forgot password ? » button on the right of this page.

If you wish to become a member of the Circuit, we invite you to fill out an application on the « Request Membership » page, which you will find by clicking here.