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    The Cercle Royal Philotaxe (Royal Circle Philotaxe) was founded October 18th, 1819 at the initiative of some...
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The site offers you a complete overview, not only a description of the Cercle Royal Concorde Philotaxe, but also what we mean for our Members. It also explains how the club functions.

We present the concept of our Business Class division, created in 2010, and that of the Young Professionals division, which was founded in 2011. Both concepts target professionally active members and has attracted a significant number of new members.

Our goal is to organize more and more top quality activities for our members.

Cercle Royal Concorde Philotaxe
  • Business Class

    The Business Class of the Cercle Royal Concorde Philotaxe wants to offer services for and by its dynamic and professionally active members to share experience of good practice, to establish a network of contacts and to create added value at the human, professional and personal level.
  • Young Professionals

    The Young Professionals division has been created to gather active, ambitious and dynamic young professionals. This division offers the opportunity to share experiences and establish private and professional contacts.
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