Cercle Royal Concorde Philotaxe

Business Class

The Business Class intends to add an extra level to our services.

To attract business men who are increasingly busy, often under pressure and with very little spare time for ones’ club.

Question: “How to bring added value to these people?”

We will train and support our members on topics related to their business and their day-to-day concerns, whether it be the concern for the environment, changes in tax laws or the motivation of their best employees.

For the project to be both useful and performing, we need to remain focused and to the point; this is why we organize workshops in small groups on very specific and technical issues:

What is my business worth? How to transmit your business to to the next generation? How to communicate? How to share our successes and our failures?

We always look forward to meet other affiliated clubs, both in Belgium and abroad, to improve our networking.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions to bring the business class of the Cercle Royal Concorde Philotaxe to the next level, to enhance its added value to our professional activities.

Who is considered a member of the Business Class?

Any Circle Member, professionally active in the broadest sense of the term, who feels concerned and wants to deepen their knowledge of management of a professional activity.

“The Business Class of the Cercle Royal Concorde Philotaxe wants to offer services for and by its dynamic and professionally active members to share experience of good practice, to establish a network of contacts and to create added value at the human, professional and personal level.

Everything is done in compliance with the basic foundations of our club and should motivate other candidates to join us to allow us to consolidate our values.”

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